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General Info for Employers

We utilize our large network of connections to locate appropriate candidates to submit to you for your consideration.

 We maintain relationships with talented professionals and accept resumes from talented engaged long-term care and post-acute care professionals. We build relationships with people to obtain an understanding of their short and long- term aspirations. Through this relationship building we identify candidates that have congruent values with your mission and vision. And we want to build a relationship with your organization to obtain a clear understanding of the outcomes you expect.

If you elect not to openly post or recruit because you want to keep the current employee in place until a candidate with clearly superior skills is selected to fill the position we will conduct a confidential search for you.

Upon request to search for a candidate (confidential or open search) we will screen candidates to identify candidates that most closely match your requirements including salary and benefits. We will clearly explain the challenges, opportunities and advantages of the position.

 Sometimes the best candidates are candidates that are not in an active job search. They are talented professionals that consider opportunities for professional growth.

We will not share any candidates resume with you without the permission of the candidate. We believe it is our responsibility to carefully screen potential candidates for you and only submit to you viable candidates for the position.

 Cost for successfully recruiting a candidate of your choosing is a set percent based on the first year’s salary and you may pay this in twelve (12) monthly installments.  Payment for interim positions is negotiated by contract.

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Available Interim Positions

Interim/Short-term positions usually fill a key leadership position due to temporary leaves of absence, while the organization searches for permanent replacement or to allow an organization time to strategically plan for changes. The position you fill on an interim basis may be in a crisis management situation or serve as a caretaker until a permanent candidate is selected for the position.

Interim positions may lead to permanent employment by mutual consent of the interim professional and the organization.

Personal Care Home Administrator

Flexible position – 2 positions available @ 20 hours per week or one administrator may cover 2 facilities owned by the same company @ 40 hours per week.


Available Permanent Positions

Registered Nurse

Central PA – 12 hour shifts for very small rehabilitation skilled nursing facility.

Personal Care Home Administrator

Flexible position – 2 positions available @ 20 hours per week or one administrator may cover 2 facilities owned by the same company @ 40 hours per week.



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We do not charge you for this service.  We offer free assistance to update your resume or develop a new resume. If you prefer we will develop a new custom crafted resume for you. Contact us for pricing and additional information about this service.

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Onsite Licensing Inspections

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