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Prepare to live where you want and how you want to live into your 80’s and beyond. The more prepared you are to age in place the more successful you will be avoiding a nursing home or personal care home placement and maintain control of your life.

We offer solutions that allow you to age in place and enjoy your life at any age!

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Long term care planning Real Life Solutions

Early Intervention

Aging in place means planning! We can help create your aging plan to live all of your life your way. It’s never too early and never too late to start planning — You can plan at any age, but it’s best to start planning at age 50 to maximize your choices.

We’re here to help you prioritize what is important and make your plan. One of the most important questions to ask yourself is where and how do I want to live when I retire?

Types Of Senior Living

Stay in your current home 

Downsize your home 

Move to a different geographic area 

Retirement community 

Live in an RV and travel 

Hotel suites

There is no right or wrong choice of where to live. You can age in place in the residence and location of your choice.

Enjoy Life At Any Age

– Things To Consider –

Older Adult Planning: before you do financial/estate planning, take a guided journey to the future and enjoy retirement your way.

Assistance Planning with obtaining economically services to meet your personal care needs/wants & household needs/wants, if necessary assistance paying monthly bills.

Environmental Planning

A professional coach dedicated to serving seniors has the knowledge to help you explore your options, develop a realistic plan and assist you as you begin implementing your plan.

The Planning Process

Identify what is important to you and prioritize

Know your resources and how you want to utilize them

Clearly understand your government and insurance benefits.

Solutions For Families

You are not alone, we can help you navigate the many options available and the decisions associated with caring for an aging loved one. We partner with aging adults, their families and service providers to promote optimal aging according to the needs, preferences and financial resources of the older adult. We optimize person-centered solutions to help older adults’ enhance quality of life.

Need to make a quick decision?

Our consultants are here to help you. Emergency Placement or Care Coordination Service available.

Products for Sale

No Worries Kit

Starting price is $49.99

Product description:
A NO WORRIES KIT is your best choice. The NO WORRIES KIT is available binder style, file box, fire resistance box or we can customize a kit to your specifications. This kit is invaluable if you suddenly become ill or are in an accident and cannot speak for yourself. It is also important in the event you must evacuate your home quickly. Real Life Solutions has these kits available for you. It includes what to gather, how to prepare it or we can help you preparing this kit. Step by step instructions included with the kit. Usually, in an emergency when people cannot speak for themselves you will need certified documents and important documents your designated person may need to access on your behalf. We strongly encourage you to have a Power of Attorney (POA) for healthcare and finance and keep a copy of this in the kit and be sure your POA has an original copy. The law has changed and does require certain institutions (such as banks) to only honor an original POA document and will not grant access to bank accounts or records if an original POA is not presented to the institution by the POA. Someone will need a key to access your home, this can be your POA, if not your POA be sure the POA knows who has a key to your home. For communal settings usually the manager will have a key to access your apartment.

Here is an abbreviated list of the most important items to keep in the kit; checks to pay your bills (remember a POA will be needed for this if only your name is on the account, how to access other funds in the event money is need for your care, emergency repairs to home (such as a water pipe leak,) insurance information (health care supplement, disability insurance, auto and home insurance,) important keys with identification on them, if you have a pet-instructions for your pet’s care. As we all know, tomorrow is never promised to anyone. This kit is an all-in-one resource for your next of kin or executor of your will. My sincere hope is that you will not need this kind of kit for a long time. However, we all need to be prepared for the unexpected for the best outcome.

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