UC Logo - PA May 28th update for New Unemployment Compensation System

New Unemployment Compensation (UC) System Launching June 8

May 28, 2021

Employers will have additional self-service options for managing their benefits information when Pennsylvania’s new, modern UC system goes live on June 8.

These changes will allow you to:

  • Receive important information and notices via a dashboard.

  • View all notices of separations, appeal hearing dates, and UC correspondence in real-time.

  • Have greater oversight, faster response time, and better communication regarding changes in information.

Virtual and On-Demand Workshops Can Help You Prepare for the New UC System

In our workshops, UC experts walk you through important features of the new, modern benefits system before it launches June 8:

  • Wednesday, June 2 at 11:00 AM – join this workshop

  • Watch on-demand any time

A full list of all instructional workshop dates and related recordings is available on the UC Workshops page. To view auto-generated video subtitles, see instructions here.

Notifications of Any New UC System Rollout Problems

L&I plans to use a variety of methods to let people know if something changes from the UC system transition plan. Issues that affect only certain small groups of people may be communicated directly to these individuals by email or through the messaging dashboard in the new system.

Issues that are more widespread may be communicated in other ways, including via:

Additional Ways to Learn About the New UC System Before June 8

User guides are available to help you prepare for the new UC system.

Video tutorials are also available.

L&I will continue to update the new UC System Resources page, so check back often!

Will the new UC system replace the paper-based process we currently complete? Will we still receive documents in the mail?

The new UC system gives employers the opportunity to opt into electronic communications. We encourage employers to use this option as a more efficient way to process your documents.

When you select this communication preference, you will begin to receive email notifications when you have new, unread messages in the new UC system. You will then be able to manage your account, respond to claims online, and upload additional attachments directly into the system.

However, please note that regardless of whether you opt into electronic communication, all appealable documents will be sent to you by mail per current UC regulations.

How do I change my preferences to get an email when new messages are available or there is activity that needs to be completed?

You may change your communication preferences in the “General Information” tab. If you choose to opt into receiving electronic communications, you will begin to receive email notifications when you have new, unread messages in the new UC system.

Is there a way we as employers can indicate a claim is fraudulent in the new UC system?

When we notify you that a claim is filed, you will have an option to indicate whether you believe the claim is fraudulent. This is the most effective way to notify us. You may also choose to report fraud on the UC website.

Please do not report the potential fraud in both places as this will delay processing.

As a TPA (Third Party Administrator), will I have to create a new login for each business that I manage?

If you are established as the TPA “Primary Contact” within UCMS for your businesses, your information will be converted to the new UC system. Once you have logged into the new UC system, you will be able to switch between the various accounts that you currently manage.