After the nest is empty most people do not need the large house where they raised their family. I offer some services that can help them right size and have wonderful memories of their home. Services include but are not limited to, creating a video library of their favorite memories associated with items or rooms in their current home and if they do not want to do a video library, we can create written libraries with pictures. This is also a wonderful gift for their children. Another nice concierge service is moving coordination. This takes the hassle and fear out of moving along by easing their anxiety. There two (2) things that usually happen when the nest is empty and they opt to keep the big home where they raised their family. First, it becomes a storage unit for their children and what they believe will be useful items to their children. Second, their perception of what each heir would want does not always match the perception of their heirs. In fact, I have managed to make clients money by arranging for the sale of some items in their current home.