These modifications and instructions are in effect immediately and supersede any previous instructions provided on the submission of the CRCQ application packet.

  • The CRCQ application packet has been updated and can be found on the DHS website in the  “Application for Human Services License” section.
  • The CRCQ and supplemental documentation may be submitted through email or FAX. Email submissions are highly preferred and will be processed faster than faxed submissions.
    Mailed CRCQ application packets will no longer be accepted unless they are postmarked before December 10, 2021.

Please use the following information for submitting your CRCQ application packet:

Central and Northern Region sites: or FAX (717) 772-4366

Southeastern Region sites: or FAX (717) 772-4366

Western Region sites: or FAX (412) 880-0207

  • Attention all ODP Providers! Submission of CRCQs from all ODP providers need to be completed online via HCSIS. Please call 1 (866) 444-1264 for additional instructions.

The following information contains checklist items to review before submission, reminders, and instructions to check the status of an already submitted CRCQ packet.


  • Type or print the information on the CRCQ clearly; illegible applications will cause delays
  • Be sure that a valid email address and phone number has been provided on the CRCQ
  • Do not send checks, money orders, background checks or utility bills with your CRCQ packet.
  • Do send ALL required policy statements with your CRCQ packet as well as a copy of your advertisement (if applicable).
  • Answer all questions completely.
  • Remember to sign the CRCQ.


  • Providers who submit CRCQs through PELICAN or HCSIS, will still need to submit all required supplemental documentation using the correct regional email address or FAX number.  Be sure to include your CRQ number which will populate when you complete and submit a CRCQ in PELICAN.  Be sure to save this number for your records.

  • Submit your completed forms in only one format. For example, submissions by email followed by faxing the same packet, creates duplicates and slows processing.

  • Be sure to include a copy of your Nondiscrimination in Services Policy Statement addressed to whomever you serve, and your Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement addressed to your staffThese statements are required to be posted in your facility. If you advertise as either an employer or provider, include a copy of your advertisement. Remember to complete and submit Attachment 1. We cannot issue a compliance letter if any of these items are missing.

  • When completing the Sample #2 Non-discrimination in Services template for your organization, utilize the attached PA Human Relations Commission Office map on page 10 of the packet. Please note, the region of your organization on the PHRC map may differ from your BEO region.

  • When you answer question #8 on page 2, please keep in mind it is pertaining to all children/individuals (minorities, disabled, and limited English proficient) being included in all programs and activities and reasonable accommodations being made to be inclusive of everyone.

  • Do not send checks, money orders, background checks or utility bills to BEO as part of your packet. Checks and money orders are only accepted by the Licensing Administration OfficeBEO will no longer accept mailed copies of the CRCQPayment is part of the Licensing Administration process and not the Civil Rights compliance process.


  • All compliance letters are being emailed so it is imperative that a valid email and phone number has been provided on the CRCQ submission.
  • Before reaching out to inquire about your CRCQ status, please check all email accounts you provided on your CRCQ, along with the email address used to submit the CRCQ. In most cases, the letter is emailed to the Responsible Official listed on the submission. Follow up inquiries should be sent to the correct regional RA-account and include your CRQ number, along with the phrase “Requesting Status”, in the subject line.
  • BEO is unable to answer questions regarding the issuance of your license. Reviewing CRCQs, the required attachments and issuing compliance letters is BEO’s only role in the licensing processAll questions regarding your license should be directed to your local program office or the DHS Human Services Licensing Office at 717-705-0383 or, if a childcare facility, the Office of Child Development & Early Learning (OCDEL) at 1-800-222-2117.
  • Do not submit your CRCQ to the Licensing Administration Office. They will not forward it to BEO as mailed, hard copies will not be accepted.